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Fidalis Buehler

Myth Walker: Through the Vines


The Batesville Area Arts Council presented Myth Walker: Though the Vines, artwork by Fidalis Buehler, October 10 - November 18, 2017.


Fidalis Buehler, Associate Professor of Studio Art at Brigham Young University: Is an artist living in the Mountain West region (Utah) of the United States. His life is a blending of two cultures - one being an American the other a Pacific Islander. His work is uniquely autobiographical - calling attention to subtle confrontations and conflicting realities. The work represents manifestations of identity seen through the complexity of American culture and South Pacific traditions - a hybrid of two cultural backgrounds examining distortions related to fear, anxiety, mythology, religion, dreams, revelations, mysticism, and ritual.


This exhibition is sponsored by Citizens Bank. 




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