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Brad Wreyford

Waiting and Wanting


The Batesville Area Arts Council presented Waiting and Wanting, artwork by Brad Wreyford at the BAAC Gallery on Main from February 28 - April 22, 2017.


Brad Wreyford is an abstract painter and sculptor with an affinity for fashion textiles and wood grain. Wreyford lives with his wife and four small children in Hot Springs, AR. His work is a form of journaling: a chronology of repetitive shape and color mostly associated with his little kids toys or the clouds in the sky.

These are paintings from the comfort of a dead end. Abstracted many times over, the images represent clouds of protection and provision. Sometimes the paintings are turned to create more figural imagery, but they are typically painted with a horizontal movement in mind. They are the Pillars from the Exodus leading an obstinate people: warming, cooling, keeping the bills paid. 


Sponsored by: Citizens Bank

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