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All Hands on Deck


The Batesville Area Arts Council Gallery on Main presented All Hands on Deck, an exhibition featuring artist designed skateboards, June 8 - July 31, 2021. The exhibition featured the work of over 25 local and regional artists, who donated their work to help rase funds for a local skate park. 


Thank you to all of the participating artists. All skateboards sold, and we raised over $2,000 to help fund a local skate park.


Participating Artists:

Kenton Adler

Airyka Alpers

Maggie Alsup

Aiden Bork

Dustyn Bork

Kori Bowers

Dylan Brackley

Daisy Connor

Carly Dahl

Spencer Goff

Laurie Gottschalk

Juli Howard

Sam Long

Sigrid Lorfing

Molly Mellor

Andrew Murphy

Wes Obrigewitsch

Leia Parks

Mac Reece

Abby Rutter

Dakota Seale

Summer Seale

Emma Smotherman

Brice Stephens

Boston Stott

Riley Stott

Aria Switzer

Abi Whitlow

Tyson Williams



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