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Installlation View

Spinning Bones

an exhibition by Luminous Lookout

The Batesville Area Arts Council presented Spinning Bones, an exhibition by Luminous Lookout at the BAAC Gallery on Main (226 E Main St) September 27 – November 19.

Luminous Lookout is a group of three Southern Louisiana based artists, including: Dawn Black, Kathryn Hunter, and Kelli Scott Kelley. Using representational imagery, their work visualizes narratives to inspire social dialogue and critique. Teetering moral ambiguities, existential repetitions, and anthropomorphic allegories are shared threads woven throughout all the artists’ work.
Each artist employs unique materials and processes to create their work. Using a variety of collected source material, Black examines tentative systems of power and identity through watercolor on paper to visualize sociological narratives. Hunter’s mixed media work is populated by stitched, paper-cut, and relief printed anthropomorphic figures, which evoke fables and reflect on our connection to the natural and cultural environment. Kelley’s enigmatic narratives are painted on antique domestic linens, referencing traditional women’s handicrafts, while engaging in an ecologically conscious art making practice. The delicate feminine cloths also serve to juxtapose the fantastical imagery. 
The Luminous Lookout artists’ haunting, curious images address the current fragility of our time, and provokes critical thought about our place in the world. websites:,,,


The gallery reception for this exhibition was held on Friday, November 18, from 5 - 7 p.m. with a brief artist talk at 6 p.m.


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